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Parish Outreach

Call: 484-461-4954
Kathy Caporizzo

The Parish Outreach Office attempts to coordinate services to assist our parishioners with their needs. We offer opportunities for our community to serve the local needy as well as educate our students about poverty.

From My House to Yours

FROM MY HOUSE TO YOURS is a parish exchange of used household items, recycling goods which might otherwise not find a proper home. It is for those individuals who may have a household item that they would like to donate to another person who could use it. This website is intended to be used by parishioners, CCD families and St. Andrew School families. The donation must be in very good condition, clean and in working order. A description of the item will be posted on the FROM MY HOUSE TO YOURS webpage. Nothing will be sold through this service. Please note that we are not certifying the condition of any item, that task is left to the recipient.

If you have a household item that you would like to donate to someone else, please fill out the form below and then call the Outreach Office at 484-461-4954 . Kathy Caporizzo is the administrator of the webpage and will be in charge of placing and removing all postings. Donations will be advertised for one month. Should the donation find a home sooner, the posting will be removed.

At this time, only the Saint Vincent DePaul Society and the Outreach Office can make requests under the WANTED column. Parishioners are only allowed to offer donations, but not make individual requests.

Should you see something you could use, please call 484-461-4954 or e-mail the Outreach Office at and the donor will be notified. Then you will be contacted. Transportation of the donated article is not the responsibility of the parish. If you want it, you must retrieve it. No receipts will be given for these donations.

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