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The Eucharist is the efficacious sign and sublime cause of that communion in the divine life and that unity of the People of God by which the Church is kept in being.  It is the culmination both of God's action sanctifying the world in Christ and of the worship men offer to Christ and through Him to the Father in the Holy Spirit.     CCC #1324

Traditionally, our parish 2nd grade school children and our CCD students prepare to receive Holy Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ, on the first Saturday in May. Both parents and children make a commitment in the fall to prepare fully for this important time in their lives.

Children enrolled in private Catholic elementary school or home schooled children should contact the Parish Offices for additional information.


If you have not received your First Communion or Confirmation in a timely fashion, or if you have been away from receiving the Eucharist for some time, please contact the Parish Offices at 610-259-1169.  We are most happy to help you to return to the reception of Holy Communion or to meet with you to speak about becoming a Catholic in the fullness of the Church.  God bless you!

The True Presence

Watch the story of the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires which includes Bishop Bergoglio,

who is now our Pope Francis. 

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