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Funeral Arrangements

Mass of Christian Burial

The death of a loved one is a most sacred and sensitive time for family, friends, and relatives.  We are here to help you through this time of loss.  Here are a few directives to assist you in planning your loved one's burial:

  • Contact your Funeral Director first to arrange the details of the funeral

  • The Funeral Director will arrange the initial contact with St. Andrew's after consultation with the family

  • Once the funeral is scheduled by the Funeral Director, members of the family are invited and encouraged to meet with the priest in the planning of the Funeral Mass - readings, music, prayers, etc.

Please note:  

St. Andrew the Apostle Parish does not permit words of remembrance or eulogies in the Church at any time.  This is appropriately included at the Funeral Home, at the gravesite or at the luncheon.


Parish Office - 610-259-1169

For information regarding Catholic burial sites, please click HERE 

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